What Is Our Process

The Structural Intergity

AFAB Industries takes pride in the innovative design and construction features that define our CLASSIC Building. In comparison to conventional post frame buildings, our truss connection system sets a new standard in structural integrity. By elevating truss heel heights and utilizing two ½” bolts for fastening, we enhance the stability and durability of each structure. The strategic placement of posts and trusses at 4ft on-centre along the side walls ensures robust support, while end wall posts, spaced up to a maximum of 6ft on-centre, extend seamlessly to the top cord of the truss, reinforcing the building’s overall strength. No building like it.

Post frame buildings
Post frame buildings
Post frame buildings
Post frame buildings

In the construction of our ULTRAPOSTS, we employ a dual approach to ensure longevity and resilience. These posts are not only mechanically fastened but are also bonded with an impressive 3,500psi adhesive, adding an extra layer of structural reliability. Furthermore, our commitment to stability extends below the surface, with laminated posts buried 6ft deep and securely tamped with crushed rock to provide a solid foundation. The use of Permanent Wood Foundation (PWF) treated lumber in the below-grade portion of the column enhances resistance against moisture and decay, ensuring the longevity of the structure. No building like it.

The Exterior Durability

Strapping joints are staggered for superior strength and durability. All exterior roof and wall strapping is #2 and better kiln dried spruce to meet the highest standards of strength and appearance. Then all cladding is fastened with #14 x 1¼” metal to wood grips with neoprene washers. Our unique custom flashing system covers all exposed lumber on door headers. Every step in the AFAB building process is designed to exceed building codes. No building like it.

Post frame building
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The meticulous attention to detail and the incorporation of high-quality materials and construction methods finish in a building that is unparalleled in the industry.  The CLASSIC Building not only redefines the standards of post-frame construction but stands as a testament to our dedication to delivering structures that go beyond expectations, setting a benchmark for durability, stability, and innovation in the industry.

Before build, customize your building with a variety of colours and door styles, including Overhead, Bi-fold, and Sliding. Our superior quality materials consist of 28ga hi-tensile exterior and interior cladding with 26ga options available, #14 fasteners, and 40 year warranty on coloured cladding. No building like it.