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Embarking on a construction project for buildings often requires substantial financial resources and securing a loan can be a wise and strategic step in seeing your vision. Whether you’re expanding your agricultural facilities, establishing a commerical space, or creating additional storage, obtaining a loan provides the necessary capital to fund the construction. This financial solution enables you to manage the upfront costs, ensuring a smoother and more feasible path to bringing your project to completion. Tailor your loan options with the financial institution of your choice. Consider the advantages of taking a loan to build your AFAB Building, unlocking the potential for growth and success in your endeavors.



CWB National Leasing stands as Canada’s largest and longest-standing equipment financing company, operating out of Winnipeg, MB. With a robust history of channeling over $11 Billion in funding, they have been a pivotal force in helping more than 324,000 businesses thrive. It’s their mission to help businesses grow by making it possible for them to acquire the equipment they need quickly and hassle-free. Specializing in agriculture, CWB National Leasing, part of the Canadian Western Bank Financial Group, is dedicated to providing seamless and expert financing solutions, ensuring farmers and agricultural businesses have the equipment they need to cultivate success.

Royal Bank
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RBC Leasing stands as a pillar in the financial landscape, offering comprehensive leasing solutions to businesses and individuals. They are one of Canada’s biggest banks, and amongst the largest in the world based on market capitalization. Headquartered in Toronto, ON, RBC Leasing is committed to facilitating seamless and accessible leasing experiences tailored to the diverse needs of their clients. With a mission centered on excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, RBC Leasing aims to be a trusted partner in helping clients achieve their financial goals. Whether for businesses seeking equipment financing or indivifuals exploring leasing options, RBC Leasing combines expertise and a client-centric approach to pave the way for financial success. 


Partnering with Meridian OneCap for equipment financing goes beyond a mere transactional arrangement. With a long-term vision and adaptable payment plans, businesses can confidently navigate the unpredictable nature of their journey. Meridian OneCap stands as a committed ally, acknowledging the strength and resilience needed to achieve and adapt. With them as a partner, businesses are not just financially supported but genuinely equipped for any unexpected turns in their path.

family farm

Operating from Winnipeg, MB, Family Farm is more than a leasing company; it’s a commitment to providing farmers and businesses with easy to understand, fair and simply leases. Emphasizing straightforward language that any person on the street can comprehend. Family Farm ensures that their leasing terms are transparent and accessible. Their goal is to foster lasting relationships, encouraging clients to return and share their postive experiences with neighbours and friends. At Family Farm, it’s not just about leases; it’s about building a comminity of satisfied customers through clarity, fairness, and simplicity in every interaction.


Operating from their Saskatoon, SK office, Calidon is on a mission to redefine simplicity in leasing. With a commitment to transparency, they offer secure online tools that empower clients to effortlessly engage with their services. Choosing plain language over industry technical speaking, Calidon has created a jargon-free zone to ensure that leasing becomes easily understandable for everyone. Despite their growth, Calidon values the esence of being small and pride itself on maintaining a personal touch. They cherish direct communication, answering phones in person, treating customers with the utmost respect, and forstering meaningful and lasting relationships. At Calidon, the focus is not just on leasing; it’s on delivering a seamless, customer-centric experience that aligns with their mission to keep leasing simple and relationships paramount. 


Tandem Equipment Finance Canada specializes in providing lease financing for equipment purchases to businesses with diverse credit profiles. With a dedicated team headquartered in Toronto, ON, Tandem is distinguished by its commitment to superior customer service, value-driven solutions, amd lasting relationships with vendor partners and clients. Their mission revolves around being a trusted leader in Canadian business finance, delivering competitive and flexible programs, fostering a rewarding work environment, and upholding the pillars on intergrity, teamwork, culture, and live/work balance to create long-term value of customers and stakeholders.